Welcome to
Mathematical Aspects of Continuum Mechanics(MACM)
that is Activity group in JSIAM .
CoMFoS12 program(in Japanese) (CoMFoS is a part of activity group MACM in JSIAM).

The Activity Group on Mathematical Aspects of Continuum Mechanics fosters activity at the interface between mathematics and engineering, our interests are the following:

  1. organization of minisymposia related to materials science at JSIAM's annual meetings
  2. organization of two workshops CoMFoS and Kimura workshop roughly every year
    CoMFoS: theoretical research on continuum mechanics from engineering view.
    Kimura workshop: variational method and related topics on continuum mechanics.
  3. Japanese manual of Freefem++ , FreeFem++ is the project by O.Pironneau and F.Hecht in J.L.Lions Lab. of Pierre and Marie Curie University, Paris.


CoMFoS12 plans holding in Tokyo (The University of Electro-Communications ) for from Saturday, October 6 to Monday, October 8.

JSIAM 2012

JSIAM annual meeting will be held in Wakkanai for from August 28 to September 1.
The deadline for application by activity group MACM with Tuesday, June 5.