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MaKR was created out of my own needs and is only a small part. I'm not an expert in knowledge information processing or numerical computing.

This page is intended as an introductory note to mathematical research with computing.


MaKR (=Mathematical Knowledge Repository, named by myself)[Oh18] is designed as an individual tool, which also works as an assistant that helps thinking about the mathematical subjects. MaKR is a mathematical Web-based system whose contents are glued by an original LaTeX-like formatting language (low-)OFM that are designed under the concept of pushdown automaton, whose translator form OFM to HTML is written in Perl and named ofm2html. For the management of resources, a special-purpose Web browser called MaKRV is designed. Recently, The use of MathJax enhanced the mathematical representation.

Programming language:
The browser was created from a sample modifying the Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC, C++), while the conversion from original format (OFM) to HTML was made in Perl . For security reasons, there is no server-side programming such as CGI or PHP on the internet. The MaKR codes written by OFM are converted to HTML in my computer and uploaded.
Hidemaru (Japanese/English Version)
Notice: Japanese website
Corel Draw
Formulas in images MathType Some mathematical symbols are broken into graphics, so they are embedded using Illustrator.
Photo processing
Photos (Miyajima , Paris, etc.) are taken by myself, (some of them may have been purchased).


Some samples are in SoptS .
Only content related to SoptS will be included here; other sites will be added later, such as a description of FreeFEM.


Information about the page: The current position is painted circle in the diagram below. Blue is the main MaKR and orange is a duplicate for MaKR's public use, where dashed line means the connection to the private area. The dashed lines are only connections to main MaKR.



[Oh08] Kohji Ohtsuka, Design of Web-Based Mathematical Knowledge Repository with LaTeX-like Format OFM, International Journal of Intelligent Engineering and Systems, 1, 2008, 30--38. PDF